November 6, 2013

Turkey Serves As A Gateway For Traveling Jihadist Terrorists; US And KSA Continue To Support Al-Qaeda In Syria

Turkey is half-European and half-Eastern. So it is no surprise that it is the perfect gateway for traveling Jihadist terrorists from the European continent and Middle Eastern countries.

Turkey is serving as a three star hotel for rootless, alienated, head-chopping, flesh-eating religious fanatics from all around the world. The call to Jihad is heard loud and clear in Turkey.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad recently said that, "Turkey has adopted a destructive approach regarding Syria. They have let terrorists from 83 countries to enter Syria and commit crimes."

Turkey's hospitable approach to al-Qaeda shows no sign of ending. The Turkish regime entered in an alliance with al-Qaeda against the Kurds in northern Syria, and this criminal alliance will continue to grow as the war in Syria unfolds. In September, Youssef Sheikho wrote in an article called, "Turkey Stands With al-Qaeda Against the Kurds":
Nevertheless, it seems that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has found it necessary to provide military and logistical support to al-Qaeda’s affiliates to fight the Kurds.
In the past week the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the main Kurdish group in Syria, has pushed out the Turkish-backed al-Qaeda terrorists from 19 towns in the northeast. The main source of this recent news is the discredited propagandistic Britain-based group, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, so whether it is valid or not remains to be seen, but local sources have also backed it up.

The Kurds are tied to the land in the areas where they are fighting, they have an organic, ancient, and blood relationship with the soil. The rootless Jihadist terrorists who come from Central Asia, Europe, Australia, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, and elsewhere have no rightful claim on the land. They are a disease that has to be eradicated. It is fitting that they bring diseases with them like polio to Syria. These Jihadist terrorists are joining the army of death, an army that has no victories in its future.

For Turkey, America, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to back this army of death called Al-Qaeda is symbolic because these governments are experiencing their own deaths. NATO is dead. The Saudi King is on his way to meet his maker. The US-Turkey relationship is coming to a standstill. Washington has zero political, cultural, religious, and social influence in the Middle East. It is an empire that can't crumble and perish from history fast enough.