November 8, 2013

Reason Escapes Netanyahu, Says Possible US-Iran Deal Is "Bad"

Source of cartoon: Carlos Latuff.

An excerpt from, "Why Netanyahu Is So Enraged by a Deal with Iran" by John Glaser,, November 8:
Details of the first-phase deal are limited and speculative, but the broad contours are that Iran would halt its enrichment program (whatever that means) for 6 months in exchange for “very limited” and “reversible” sanctions relief. During that 6 months, a more comprehensive grand bargain would be hashed out, which would probably include Iran making the following concessions in return for greater sanctions relief: halting all production of 20% enriched uranium; converting much of its stockpile to fuel rods; and much greater access for international inspections.

To Iran hawks, that should sound like a damn good deal. Under those conditions of less enrichment and greater transparency, the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon would be transparently unfeasible.

Why, then, have the Iran hawks responded with outrage? Not only is Congress responding to this good news by ratcheting up additional sanctions in a clear attempt to derail negotiations and set us back on the war path, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nearly hyperventilated with fury over the diplomatic progress.
An excerpt from, "Israeli rejects peace with Iran" by Colonel Patrick Lang, November 8:
Well, there you have it. We Americans and Europeans are naughty, disobedient children. We think that we can make a deal with Iran without fulfilling Israel's maximalist goals. How dare we! Ah! I forgot. Israel's flunkies in Congress are going to obey their masters to try to block the deal. Perhaps this time they might find that an unpopular thing to do.

"will do everything it needs to do to defend itself." Hey! Go for it! Israel is a sovereign state. Let's see what they can do! pl 
Messianic religious fanatics in positions of power in Israel, Iran, and America are messing this world up big time. Netanyahu wants war, and no amount of concessions from the Islamic Republic will satisfy him. He has already made his mind up. Iran's new administration would have better luck negotiating with a brick wall.