November 3, 2013

Obama Is Not Good At Killing People, He Didn't Even Kill Bin Laden

An excerpt from, "Last Year President Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He's 'Really Good At Killing People'" by Michael Kelley, Business Insider, November 2:
This will not go over well for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

According to the new book “Double Down,” in which journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann chronicle the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama told his aides that he’s “really good at killing people” while discussing drone strikes.

Peter Hamby of The Washington Post noted the moment in his review of the book.

The reported claim by the commander-in-chief is as indisputable as it is grim. 
Another lie from Obama. If he really killed Osama bin Laden, that would've been something. We can applaud that, but it didn't happen. Bin Laden was already dead. Obama killed nothing but the truth.