November 7, 2013

Executions of Political Prisoners On The Rise Under Rouhani's "Reformed" Government

Barack Hussein Obama and Hassan Rouhani are really, really good at executing innocent prisoners and innocent villagers. 

An excerpt from, "Iran Executed Another Kurdish Political Prisoner Without Alerting Family or Lawyers" International Campaign For Human Rights In Iran, November 4:
Ahmad Saeed Sheikhi, one of the lawyers representing Shirkoo Moarefi, a Kurdish prisoner who was executed November 4, confirmed news of his execution and told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, “I learned about my client’s execution from news websites. I tried to contact his family many times and I was finally able to talk to a family member at 4:00 p.m., who confirmed the news and told me that the family were on their way to collect the body.”
“According to the law, the authorities have to serve the lawyers with a notice about an impending execution, and the prisoner’s family must also be served with a notice. I am still in shock from having heard news of my client’s execution through the media,” Ahmad Saeed Sheikhi told the Campaign.

“Considering the situation of the case, we expected that Shirkoo would be acquitted of this charge, [enmity with God], and be spared from execution,” said Sheikhi.

Khalil Bahramian, another lawyer representing Shirkoo Moarefi, also told the Campaign that he had not been served with a notice for his client’s execution. “Enforcing the sentence without informing the lawyers was illegal,” Bahramian told the Campaign, adding that so far no judicial authorities have explained the reasons for this action.
An excerpt from, "Iranian Government Official Dismayed at Rise in Executions" International Campaign For Human Rights In Iran, November 6:
Since Rouhani took office this August, Iran has executed more than 200 people. This sharp increase in the number of executions, specifically among drug traffickers and Kurdish activists, has created concern among civil society that extremist groups in the Iranian Judiciary and security apparatus have adopted this violent approach to show that the status quo remains. Iran has hanged 40 people over the past ten days. On November 3 and 4 alone, authorities executed 12 people in different cities in Iran. On October 8, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center jointly called for an immediate moratorium on executions in Iran given the alarming rise in the use of the death penalty in recent weeks.

In recent years, whenever Iranian officials have met with their Western counterparts, they have always discussed the issue of the situation of human rights in Iran. On the threshold of renewed negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the recent surge in the number of executions leaves Rouhani government officials very little room to defend Iran’s human rights record. Sources close to the Rouhani government have mentioned privately that they view such actions as sabotage, intended to deprive the government of the chance to present a more positive portrayal of Iran on the international arena, and to discredit Rouhani and his team, casting doubt on whether he is able to deliver his campaign promises to safeguard the nation’s basic rights.
How much control does Rouhani have over his government? How much control does Obama have over his government? How can these leaders be trusted and listened to when they don't deliver on their basic promises?

Despite the enthusiasm and euphoria surrounding the elections of these two con artists, the status quo in both nations has remained. The hardliners in the CIA continued their illegal wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan after Obama came into office, and the hardliners in Iran's military, religious, and intelligence apparatus have continued to illegally execute political prisoners.

Both governments have tried to steer public attention away from their crimes and offenses by presenting a smiling con man as the leader to their respective nations and the world. They call Rouhani "Sheikh Fox" in Iran. Deception is a trait he shares with Obama, who has tried to deceive his people and the world for the better part of a decade.  

For Rouhani's administration there is no better time than now to wrongfully execute political prisoners because he has attracted some measure of good will from Washington and the international community. And ditto for Obama. There was no better time for him to illegally attack Pakistani civilians with drones and increase troops in Afghanistan than when he came into office, riding on a white horse with a Nobel Peace prize around his neck.

These two con artists are playing their peoples and the world for fools, just like their counterpart in Israel.