November 20, 2013

America And Turkey Are Killing Anti-Al Qaeda Activists In Yemen And Syria

Those who dare to speak out against al-Qaeda in the Muslim world are being targeted by American drones and the Erdogan government in Turkey.

An excerpt from, "Yemeni anti-Qaeda cleric killed in US drone strike" RT, May 3, 2013:
Sheik Salem Ahmed bin Ali Jaber, a prominent cleric within his small village in Yemen, was known for preaching of the evils of the al-Qaida network, warning villagers to stay out of the group and renounce their military ideology.

Unfortunately for Sheik Salem, US military drones that had been hovering in the area took a shot at two alleged Al-Qaeda fighters last August while he was meeting with them outside of the remote village of Khashamir.

According to the cleric's brother-in-law, Faysal bin Ali bin Jaber, who retold the events to the Associated Press, Salem was called out by the local Al-Qaeda members, presumably to meet with him and intimidate him into dropping his vocal opposition to the group.

Sheik Salem had spoken "about how killing people and labeling people who work with the West as infidels is wrong," said Faysal.

Following Salem’s death "everyone who saw that there is no differentiating between us and Al-Qaeda are asking why don't we just join Al-Qaeda since it makes no difference?" he added.
You think the death of this anti-Al Qaeda sheik in Yemen was just collateral damage? Pleaaaeessee. Don't buy the bullshit. Al-Qaeda's leadership in Yemen and the Pentagon coordinated together to get rid of their common enemy. Washington has a hand in glove relationship with Al-Qaeda.

Clerics and other influential members of the local community in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria who denounce al-Qaeda's extremist ideology and terrorism are eliminated not by al-Qaeda, who lack the resources and the capabilities, but by the rotten scumbags who run the CIA and Pentagon.

It's not enough that they turned America into an economic shit hole since 1963, but they want to screw the rest of the world up as well, especially the Middle East. That's how gangsters and tyrants like to operate. War is America's main business, and helping to spread al-Qaeda's message and appeal to pump the enemy is what the mainstream state-corporate media is for. The integrity of the modern mass media is lower than any other institution. Their positive coverage of the Jihadist terrorist opposition in the war in Syria is all the proof you need about whose side they're really on: al-Qaeda. 

An excerpt from, "Are American Drones al-Qaeda's Strongest Weapon in Yemen?" by Joseph Cox,, August 19, 2013:
“Drones will always be an easy way for [organisations like al-Qaeda] to gain anti-American support,” Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, told me. “When something like a drone strike comes crashing down in people's front bedrooms or front rooms, that's going to help you recruit and radicalise, absolutely.”
Washington and Israel want radicalization in the Muslim world, not moderation. Washington needs radicalization to keep its war business going indefinitely, and Israel needs radicalization to continue to play the victim card. Together they have handed al-Qaeda numerous propaganda victories over the years, hitting their highest mark with 9/11.

An excerpt from, "Will You Solve This Problem With More Political Maneuvers?" The Rojava Report, November 19, 2013:
DemirtaƟ warned about the declaration of a government by the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and al-Qaeda affiliate, in Rakka. He went on to ask why the Turkish state did not condemn such groups, saying “There is no one who expresses their concern about this. What are they against? They come out against the founding of inclusive parliments. This is the mentality here, they won’t allow for a fait accompli but on the other hand they allow for those who say ‘women cannot sit on chairs.’ If Kurds say that ‘Allah is one’ they will say he doesn’t exist. They are operating with this many historical fears. Have they [Rojava Kurds] seized others’ property and possessions? They said they want to administer their own lands and themselves. Now they are concerned about this. Yet those flying in from Afghanistan, England and Baghdad and blowing off heads and murdering women and children do not awake their concern. They are being given money, they are allowing them to receive training in their camps. It is easy to pontificate in Diyabakir.  It is easy to speak about democracy into a microphone, but it is difficult to account for the execution of three people on the border with Rojava…”
Turkey will fall apart if it continues to support al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. And it looks like it will.