October 15, 2013

Global Public Consensus: Putin Deserved Nobel Peace Prize, Not OPCW And Obama

 Obama is not impressed with Putin's heroics.

History will record that President Putin was robbed of a Nobel Peace Prize, while President Obama was undeservedly awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. 

The Nobel Peace Prize is truly useless and meaningless since the propagandists who hand out the prize make their decision not based on merit, dedication to peace, and honest service, but for political reasons.

The Nobel Peace Prize has lost its prestige, which makes it valueless.

The world has no need for such a prize.

Below is an excerpt from, "Awarding Nobel Peace Prize to OPCW was a ‘political dodge’" (Source: RT, October 11, 2013):
The OPCW may be performing the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria, but it was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who deserved the Nobel Peace Prize as it was his initiative, which prevented World War III, political analyst F. William Engdahl told RT.

RT: Will this Prize really help the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons do its job in Syria?

F. William Engdahl: I don’t think the Nobel Peace Prize is going to help eliminate the chemical weapons out of Syria. I think that’s going to be done on an entirely different level. I think that the awarding of the Prize to that particular organization was really a political dodge by the Oslo Nobel Peace Prize Committee – the Norwegian Parliament Committee – that awards the Peace Prize. In point of fact it should’ve gone to President Putin and I say this because it’s his intervention into this entire process that gave Obama an escape route out of what potentially looked like it was going to be World War III. The organization… the organization designated to do such a removal job, but they didn’t make the initiative.   
An excerpt from, "UK Lord nominates Putin for Nobel Peace Prize over Syria plan" (Source: RT, October 15, 2013):
Lord Truscott, a member of the UK's House of Lords, has nominated President Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize for his plan to scrap Syrian chemical weapons. This prevented the escalation of the conflict and will “save thousands of lives”.

On Tuesday morning, Lord Peter Truscott submitted the nomination to the Nobel Committee. He believes Putin deserves a prize for his role in the initiative to eliminate the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal, which helped to prevent the “civil war escalating to a fully international crisis”.
I looked at what President Putin did at the G20, where he took [US] President Obama aside and gave this initiative a real push,” the British MP told Voice of Russia radio.