October 26, 2013

Al-Qaeda's Media Channel Says The Syrian Government Is Bombing "Schools, Hospitals, And Power Plants"

Propaganda from Al Jazeera, Al-Qaeda's media channel, is getting hilarious. Near the end of the video below the channel accuses the Syrian government of bombing "schools, hospitals, and power plants." This is asinine.

Al-Qaeda's media channel wants the world to believe that the Syrian government is destroying its own infrastructure and killing its own people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just the other day, the Saudi-Qatari-Turkish-US-British-French-Israeli backed Jihadist terrorists bombed a gas pipeline, which led to a temporary blackout.

Al Jazeera stands with these racist religious zealots and al-Qaeda terrorists who wage war on innocent civilians, behead teenagers, use mosques as battle stations, loot private property, and destroy homes.

UN aid chief seeks action on Syria aid access. Source: Al-Qaeda's Media Channel. Date Published: October 26.