October 22, 2013

Al Jazeera Lies For Turkey, And Paints Al-Qaeda As Heroes (Video)

Al Jazeera Is Al-Qaeda's Media Channel.

In this video, Al Jazeera shows flesh-eating al-Qaeda terrorists as heroes, and paints Turkey as a victim of al-Qaeda terrorism when the opposite is true. Turkey is one of the region's biggest state sponsors of al-Qaeda, alongside Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel.

1) Al Jazeera paints Al-Qaeda as a social outreach organization more so than a terrorist group, depicting its members giving out free meat to poor Syrian refugees in the Muslim holiday of Eid. This is 100 percent propaganda. Al-Qaeda does not give a shit about helping people. Al Jazeera is showing head-chopping Jihadist terrorists as heroes and rescuers. What a fucking shameful channel. This channel should be boycotted worldwide. Arabs and Americans, two key audiences for Al Jazeera, should both give a big NO to this terrorism-loving channel and slap it down to the ground of irrelevancy.

2) Al Jazeera presents the Turkish government's version of events without giving any other viewpoint. In the piece, a governor of a small town close to the Syria-Turkey border says that Turkey is not aiding al-Qaeda, which is an obvious lie. Turkey is sheltering al-Qaeda, and protecting its positions. It is also using humanitarian camps for Syrian refugees as a staging area to transfer al-Qaeda terrorists, recruit the desperate and gullible, and provide medical aid to the wounded.

Video Title: Turkey's security at risk as Syria war spills over border. Source: Al Jazeera. Date Published: October 21, 2013. Description:
Kilis is one of Turkey's smallest provinces but it shares a 110-kilometer border with Syria, making it a main transfer for point for Syrian escaping the war in their country. Al Jazeera's Omar Al Saleh reports from Kilis.