September 3, 2013

To Some? Try To Many


Check out this absurd headline: "To some, US case for Syrian gas attack and need for strike has too many holes." [Source: McClatchy, Hannah Allam and Mark Seibel, September 2]. Excerpt:
The Obama administration’s public case for attacking Syria is riddled with inconsistencies and hinges mainly on circumstantial evidence, undermining U.S. efforts this week to build support at home and abroad for a punitive strike against Bashar Assad’s regime.

The case Secretary of State John Kerry laid out last Friday contained claims that were disputed by the United Nations, inconsistent in some details with British and French intelligence reports or lacking sufficient transparency for international chemical weapons experts to accept at face value.

After the false weapons claims preceding the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the threshold for evidence to support intervention is exceedingly high. And while there’s little dispute that a chemical agent was used in an Aug. 21 attack outside of Damascus – and probably on a smaller scale before that – there are calls from many quarters for independent, scientific evidence to support the U.S. narrative that the Assad regime used sarin gas in an operation that killed 1,429 people, including more than 400 children.
To some? Try to everybody outside the White House.

There's only ten people who believe what Obama and Kerry have said about the chemical weapons attack in Damascus. U.S. claims that Assad gassed his own people are built on quicksand. I doubt even Obama believes the bullshit he's spewing. So, that's nine people. And Kerry was dining with the gentleman a few years ago, so he obviously doesn't think he is capable of such a monstrous and stupid act, so make that eight people.

Exactly eight people believe the White House's story, excluding his holiness President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. 

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