September 3, 2013

The Power of Faith Trumps The Power of Bombs

The Obama administration and its allies, the Saudi despots and hawkish Israelis, have already lost the illegal and aggressive war against Syria. The verdict of history has already been handed down.

Syria is in the right. It has not attacked America, and it did not use chemical weapons on civilians. Washington has no rightful claim to intervene in Syria. Obama and Kerry are throwing their country into a fire that will consume them to no end. They are up against a people, a region, and a religion that cannot be destroyed with bombs. They will never submit to America's dictates. They would rather die than be slaves.

The video below is just one expression of the power of faith in Syria. America and Israel don't understand this power, they don't want to recognize it. They have fallen under the delusion that mere brute force can win a war. But the spirit trumps the sword. 

More join ranks as human shields in Syria. Source: Reuters. Date Published: September 2.