September 2, 2013

Tavis Smiley: Barack Obama 'Dishonoring' Dr. King With Syria Strike

America has rejected Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his values because America is not a Christian nation. America is a Satanic nation, and that is just the truth. America is still a great nation, but it is the Great Satan. 

America conducts wars based on lies. America uses chemical weapons while falsely accusing others of using them. America uses nuclear weapons while pretending to be the moral judge that decides who is allowed to build nukes. If America is the world police then the world is fucked. America is the devil. America has killed more women and children then Saddam, Assad, and Gaddafi put together. America has raised mass murder to an art form. If America is the leader of the free and civilized world then that world is neither free nor civilized. American darkness is now descending on Syria. Obaaaama's illegal air strikes will help the Al-Qaeda terrorists who have been defeated by Assad's army. Bow down to America? Never. Bow down to Al-Qaeda? Never. Syria has it right. Al-Qaeda and America should leave Syria and the rest of the world alone.

"Just days ago, we were celebrating fifty years since the march on Washington. And President Obama stood where Dr. King stood fifty years ago, and we honoured Martin with our words in Washington, and now here we are days away from dishonouring him with our deeds in Syria." - Tavis Smiley. 

Tavis Smiley: Barack Obama 'Dishonoring' Dr. King With Syria Strike. Source: DrudgeReportFanatic.