September 16, 2013

On The Syrian Front, The World Is Not Out of The Woods Yet: Prepare For New False Flags To Be Blamed On Assad

Why is the Syrian government declaring victory after the U.S. and Russia made a deal about the status of its chemical weapons? This is an obnoxious and stupid move. No victory is a victory if it is not decisive.

Don't the Syrian officials know that full-scale war against them is still on the agenda? This diplomatic breakthrough between the United States and Russia is tentative at best, and purposely designed to fail because of the artificially shortened timetable to hand over the chemical weapons.

Syria has conceded its chemical weapons stockpile, but what has the Obama administration gave in return? That it will put off aggressive and illegal strikes until future notice? This is supposed to be a victory? A bully stops punching you for a minute or two, and you declare victory?

This is not a victory. The bully has not been beaten, not in the least, it is still in bully-mode. America is still a source of terror to Syria and the whole region.

Declare victory when the bully leaves the playground and goes home for good, not when he's staying around the area and still trying to kick his victims to the ground.

Washington has yet to admit its role in arming, training, and financing the Jihadist terrorists in Syria, who were behind the chemical weapons attack in August. Washington still has its missiles and ships in motion in the Mediterranean and across the region, ready to strike at a moment's notice. Its finger is still on the trigger, and it wants to pull it the minute it feels right. The crazies are still running the show in DC. So, please, Syria, stop this delusional talk of "victory."


Ray McGovern writes:
One still has to wonder what might revive prospects for U.S. missile strikes. Some in the Middle East are worried about the possibility that radical jihadists among the Syrian rebels might try to derail peace talks by launching a chemical weapons attack against Israeli targets with the hope that the provocation will be blamed on the Assad regime and set off a rush to retaliate.

Whether likely or not, it is a threat that the cooler heads in the Obama administration should anticipate and be ready to head off.
Tony Cartalucci writes:
Reports of sniper fire targeting UN inspectors attempting to investigate an alleged August 2013 chemical weapons attack in Damascus, Syria already give a troubling indication of the dangers future inspectors face amongst a landscape plagued with dangerous, lawless terrorists the West has purposefully empowered and is currently perpetuating in Syria.