September 27, 2013

Iranian-Western Peace Philosophy and Poetry Seminar

"Towards One World: Ancient Persia and the West" by Warwick Ball (Published in September 2010).

This is a very informative and insightful discussion about Iran and the West that is led by Thomas Clough Daffern B.A. (Hons) D.Sc. (Hon) PGCE Ph.D., director of the UK-based International Institute of Peace Studies And Global Philosophy. Visit their website. The video is over 2 hours and 20 minutes so it's hard to watch it all in one sitting, but you should watch all of it. Don't skip over any part.

Video Tile: Iranian-Western Peace Philosophy and Poetry Seminar. Source: International Institute of Peace Studies And Global Philosophy. Date Published: April 24, 2013. Description: 
This seminar on the philosophy and poetry of peace as articulated in Iranian spirituality and philosophy, and Western spirituality and metaphysics, in which the greatest thinkers of Western and Iranian history were compared and contrasted, asking whether their teachings and insights on peace cannot give us hope for a solution to the diplomatic and political crises affecting Western-Iranian relations.

The following topics were explored:
Molla Sadra and Iranian Idealist Theosophy
Rumi and the Iranian dimensions of his life and thought
Hafiz and the Muses of Shiraz
Emerson and New England Transcendentalism
Platonism, Neo-Platonism and the theurgical tradition
Herodotus and the Persian-Greco Wars -- Time For A Final Peace Treaty ?
European literature and poetry and Orientalism
Zoroastrianism and Druidry -- ancient wisdom traditions
American New Age philosophy and Iranian theosophy
Bahai spirituality
Sufism Ancient and Modern
Shi'ism and the Mystical roots of Imamate theology
Philosophy East and West -- Iranian, European and American
Iranian Occidentalism: the discovery of the West in Persian thought
Judaism and its Iranian influences
Ahriman, Satan and Luicifer -- a tale of three devils
The Messaiah and the Saoshyant -- a tale of two myths
Iranian-Israeli- Western peacemaking initiatives
The Golden Gate Project and Apocalyptic Nuclearism -- a tale of two choices
"Poetic peacemaking -- can crazy wisdom save the planet?"

See for further details on the work of the Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy.

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Part 2: