September 23, 2013

Governments That Are Deaf To The Opinions And Sentiments of Their People Always Collapse In The End

"Deafness to public opinion ought to be deprecated. But there are times when it is right for a man to stand up against the people as did Noah, Elijah, Luke, John the Baptist, Savonarola, and Wendell Phillips. God bless them for what they did, and their courageous action shown. Many men are caught up by public opinion like Aaron and his calf. How many there are who have not the courage of their convictions because public opinion stands against them." - P.S. Henson D.D., "P.S. Henson D.D. On Public Opinion."
The international community must look beyond the deaf and bankrupt U.S. government, since it has lost its mind and is thus unable to judge world public opinion with wisdom, and go straight to the American people who have heroically retained their compassion, common sense, and good nature despite the vicious government propaganda assault on their minds.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did the right thing by writing an editorial for the New York Times about the dangers and consequences of another illegal U.S. attack on a sovereign Middle Eastern nation. President Putin has shown deeper wisdom and greater tolerance for the opinions and views of others than his superpower counterpart, Barack Hussein Obama. 

But it is not enough for heads of states to reach out to the American people and inform them of realities that their hijacked government keeps hidden from them for nefarious reasons.

Awakened, politically informed, and emotionally engaged humanitarians must also try to create a line of communication between America and the outside world, and break down the invisible wall of lies that separates the U.S. media from reality.

I directly reached out to the American people in my last article called, "A Message To The American People: Tell Your Government To Stop Funding Al-Qaeda."

Washington's support for Jihadist terrorism must end. This isn't the wild 1980s, when America had free reign in Afghanistan to funnel as much money and weapons to extremist Muslim fighters as it wanted without having to face political and security consequences.

Saner heads in Washington must prevail if this world is to survive. There is no Soviet Union to bring down anymore. There is no demon out there that is threatening America's national existence. America should settle down and take care of business at home by rebuilding its infrastructure and bringing the continent's energy system forward to the 21st century.

The quest for regime change throughout the Middle East is pure foolishness and must end. The peoples of the Middle East will change their countries and reform their societies on their own. America only makes a mess of things. It should stop now before it does any more damage.