September 21, 2013

America, Turkey, And Saudi Arabia: Cease And Desist Your Unlawful Attacks Against The Kurds In Syria

America, Turkey, And Saudi Arabia: Hell awaits you if you do not cease and desist your support for al-Qaeda and your unlawful attacks against the Kurds in Syria.


"Are you aware that the Syrian National Coalition (founded and funded largely by the US and its ally Saudi Arabia) is still aligned with the Bin Ladenite ISSI?" - The Angry Arab.

Excerpts from, "Turkey Establishes Kurdish Jihadist Brigade to Fight Against Syria":
"The magazine also pointed out that Turkey openly supports jihadist groups and many brigades of the Free Syrian Army ( FSA) who fight the Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan, especially since mid-July. It also reminded that Turkey borders remain open to the jihadists of Al Qaeda who receive military, diplomatic and financial aid via these borders.

The magazine added that “despite the massive support of foreign countries, forehead al- Nosra and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, two affiliated with Al- Qaeda groups, and more than ten brigades of the FSA suffered heavy defeats against the Kurdish fighters in Syrian Kurdistan and Aleppo. More than 1,000 members of the armed groups have been killed since mid-July, dozens of others were captured, and many military vehicles carrying anti-aircraft guns and tanks and so a large amount of weapons were captured by Kurdish fighters”."