September 22, 2013

America Aims To Prop Up Fictitious Syrian Army (FSA), While Still Backing Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Fact: Obama never assassinated Osama.

America's Syria policy is in shambles, and for good reason. Washington has done nothing constructive or positive.

America is not fighting for anything in Syria, it is simply exporting terror and chaos. Since the start of its media war against Assad, Washington has financed and armed culturally and socially backward terrorist groups like al-Qaeda who harbor racist and religious hatred for Christians, Kurds, Shiites, Jews, and other minorities.

The shameless Western mass media has tried in vain to black out America's covert support for al-Qaeda along with the support of other Jihadist terrorist groups by America's allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The fact that Washington and Ankara are jointly backing al-Qaeda to suppress Kurdish rights and seize liberated Kurdish towns and villages in northeastern Syria has yet to be covered by the mainstream press.  

Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, "West Attempts Syria Cover Up - Claims "Twitter Donations" Behind Rise of Al Qaeda": 
"In the latest, and perhaps most absurd attempt yet by the West to cover up direct aid, arms, and funding it has been sending to Al Qaeda throughout the duration of the Syrian conflict, the Washington Post now claims "Twitter donations" have somehow managed to outpace the collective resources of a 7 nation-plus axis who it claims is only backing "moderate" fighters in Syria."
America's war against al-Qaeda is a huge sideshow. America and al-Qaeda have always been the best of friends. They are enemies in name only. America has done more for al-Qaeda than Iran has done for Hezbollah, and that's the truth.

America's victories against al-Qaeda have come on the propaganda level, where America has an edge because of its large state and corporate media empire.

America has rarely engaged al-Qaeda on the battlefield because it's not a good idea in war to kill your own military assets.

If America has killed al-Qaeda militants, it was an accident, and their deaths must be counted under collateral damage.

It is highly questionable if America has ever killed any members of al-Qaeda's leadership, who have been invited to the Pentagon on numerous occasions over the years for tea and brunch.

President Obama's so-called assassination of Osama bin Laden never happened, as Paul Craig Roberts describes in his article called, "Pakistani National TV Reveals That Obama's Claim To Have Killed Osama Bin Laden Is "An American Hoax." Dr. Roberts writes:
Keep in mind that prior to the Obama regime’s announcement that the indispensable, exceptional country had killed bin Laden, Obama’s standing was so low that the Democrats were discussing running a candidate against him for the Democratic presidential nomination.

By faking an American victory over the demonized bogyman, Obama dispensed with threats to his reelection.

Thus, with Osama bin Laden, we have a man who only died twice.
The Obama administration is truly a sad reflection on America and humanity.

Barack Hussein Obama's legacy is already viewed by the world in a worse light than that of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

History will remember both presidents as bigger terrorists and villains than Osama bin Laden, their Arab client and fall guy.