September 22, 2013

A Message To The American People: Tell Your Government To Stop Funding Al-Qaeda

Dear Americans,

Your media is not informing you about what is going on in Syria. Journalists and politicians are lying to you. The Obama administration has been funding and arming al-Qaeda since the start of the war in Syria.

As of late, America and her allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been openly assisting al-Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorist groups in their campaign of terror against liberated Kurdish towns and villages in northeastern Syria.

These radical Islamist groups intent to ethnically cleanse these areas of Kurds. For decades, Assad's regime denied Kurds the right of citizenship, but these al-Qaeda terrorists seek to deny them the right to live. And America is backing them.  

Your government supports Turkey in its repression of the Kurds in Turkey as well as al-Qaeda's ambition in Syria to ethnically cleanse Kurds. The blood of Kurds in these liberated towns and villages is on the hands of your government.

Your government is fully supporting radical Islam against an ethnic minority in the Middle East. Think about that. It's as if the Islamic Republic invaded the Potomac and started making foreign policy decisions for the United States.

Washington's support for al-Qaeda terrorists against the Kurdish people of Syria proves again that America is a criminal rogue state and a scoundrel. Washington has never given a damn about the plight of the Kurds. It has tried to manipulate them and exploit their suffering to advance its own rotten foreign policy objectives.

Washington's support for the Kurds of Iraq beginning at the end of the first Persian Gulf War was about public relations, not the defense of human rights and minorities. Washington sought to justify its illegal attack on Iraq, and romanticize its aggression, and what better way to do that than to claim that you are coming to the defense of a submerged and oppressed people?

I am writing this as a humanitarian and a citizen of the world. I am appealing to the good conscience of America.

Tell your government to stop funding al-Qaeda. Tell your government to stop arming al-Qaeda. Tell your government to stop backing radical Islam.