August 3, 2013

Video: Another Night of Unrest in Egypt - Protesters And Security Forces Clash

Politically and historically speaking, Morsi is Bin Laden. Gone. History. Finished. A bad nightmare that is over for Egyptians. His brand of Islam was rejected by the people of Egypt, just as Bin Laden's brand of Islam was rejected by the people of Afghanistan and the Muslim world.

Trying to raise Morsi from the political dead is idiocy. The Islamist protesters who have been battling in the streets against the military and police for the past month would have a greater claim if they abandoned Morsi altogether and flipped the script on the generals moving forward.

But that isn't happening. They're not being creative and adapting to the new changing political situation. Instead, they have become totally disillusioned with the political process and are raising arms against the state. They're also terrorizing and targeting ordinary Egyptian citizens, especially in the Sinai region. In July, a Coptic priest and a Christian merchant were killed by Islamist terrorists. And those are just two examples.

Quote from the video below: 
"The first thing to say is that it is not a coup. As much as people say they are not certain why it is not a coup, even though it looks like one, the fact of the matter is Morsi lost legitimacy. Now, whether you agree with the way it was done, you must agree at some point there were sufficient numbers of people on the street, millions and millions of Egyptians. The military certainly say they were responding to what the people wanted. You can ask whether they had to respond quite so quickly, quite so forcefully, but regardless, it is clearly time for the Morsi camp to understand that he is not coming back. He is not going to be president again. And we have entered a new stage in this post-revolutionary period. And it's not clear what the end game is going to be." - Faisal Al Yafai, columnist for the Abu Dhabi paper The National.
Video Title: Another Night of Unrest in Egypt - Protesters And Security Forces Clash. Source: YouTube Channel L.N TİDİNGS·(Published on August 3, 2013).