August 21, 2013

There Is An Ocean Without Shore

Below is an excerpt from William C. Chittick's book, "Ibn 'Arabi: Heir to the Prophets." 2005. Oneworld Publications: Oxford. Pg. 100.
"By definition, scientific research is cut off from anything beyond the realm of "being and corruption," the realm of time and space, and by definition it leaves out the "subject." It may be that some of the latest theories in quantum mechanics are stretching the limits of "scientific" reality, but, compared to any traditional cosmology, the quantum universe remains enormously impoverished.

In short, modern science specifically and modern learning in general cannot allow for the objectivity of ethical and moral standards. Today's critical methodologies can never acknowledge that people - much less animals, plants, and inanimate objects - have haqqs that belong to the very stuff of reality.

From Ibn 'Arabi's standpoint, modern thought is the study of the ocean's waves and the simultaneous rejection of the reality of the ocean. By self-imposed methodological constraints, scientists and scholars deal only with the surface of reality. They think - or at least they practice their professional disciplines as if they think - that there are waves but no ocean. Studying waves will never provide access to the ocean without shore."
Donovan - There Is An Ocean [Lyrics]:
There is an ocean of vast proportion
And she flows within ourselves.
To take dips daily we dive in gaily,
He knows who goes within himself.
The abode of Angels, the mystical Promised Land,
The one and only Heaven, the God of man
Continued. . .