August 10, 2013

The Syriaization of Egypt: Washington Eyes Endless Arab Civil War, Puts Diplomatic Weight Behind Global Jihadism

John Kerry as Bin Laden: The Universe Has Come Full Circle. (From A Sign In An Anti-Morsi Protest In Egypt). Photo Source.

"Where Ford goes, there the death squads go also. Ford is notorious as a disciple of John Negroponte, and it was said originally of Negroponte starting in Salvador in the 1980s that where Negroponte goes there the death squads also appear quite quickly. . . This is what passes for State Department Arabists. State Department Arabists used to be people who actually had some sympathy for the Arab nations and the Arab peoples, but now you can see we've got bloody-handed lunatics posing as the State Department Arabists. " - Historian Webster G. Tarpley, "Stop the Appointment of Death Squad Expert Robert Ford, Kerry’s Choice to Become Next US Ambassador to Egypt,", Published on August 10, 2013.
"It is strange how McCain and Graham came to the conclusion that they had the right to "urge the release of political prisoners" immediately because "it is impossible to talk with somebody who's in jail," without closely examining the charges leveled at those in jail, based on their resorting to violence and killing during protests.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, along with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, must pause a little bit to consider their demand for the release of Morsi, who stands accused on charges very similar to those that had been leveled at the other deposed president, Hosni Mubarak. Indeed, they had remained silent about Mubarak's arrest during the first revolution, and no one had dared demand his release. Yet here they are now, loudly demanding Morsi's release during the second revolution, although the charges are quite similar." - Raghida Dergham, "McCain and Graham's Visit Has Given the Muslim Brotherhood an Additional Dose for Obstinacy and Intimidation," Huffington Post, August 9, 2013.
Recently, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham went to Egypt to publicly support dialogue between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military. Their not doing this out of any humanitarian impulse. They just don't want the secular nationalist generals there to rout their little pet terrorists in the Muslim Brotherhood, that's why they're pressing for dialogue. But in Syria they're still arming Jihadist terrorists and putting dialogue off the table because they still suffer from the delusion that the Syrian army can be defeated by these half-baked screwballs.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the political face of global Jihadism in the Arab world, so for senior Washington officials to publicly come to their defense at a press conference in Egypt shows that the language, mythology, and propaganda of the war on terror has been completely thrown out of the window.

We are no longer in the "War on Terror." We are in a new era. Washington is now fighting a War against those who are against Jihadist terror, publicly. We all know it was doing this in secret ever since 9/11, but now it has dropped its mask. This is truly a bold step. Washington is desperate to save the Muslim Brotherhood from political destruction. The MB is being defeated militarily in Syria and politically in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

For Washington to publicly stand beside the Jihadist terrorists in the MB in Egypt now is like a doctor coming out for AIDS in the 1980s in San Francisco at its most gayest bar. This is political lunacy to the tenth degree. The MB is on its back, it has been rejected by Egyptians, and Washington is lowering its hand like Superman to rescue it from the abyss.

This makes no sense on the surface. But the rationale is revealed when you realize that Washington wants all out civil war in Egypt between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military. Washington is in the process of Syriaizing Egypt. This is what the appointment of Robert Ford as the next ambassador is about. Soon, there will be calls from Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Graham for al-Sisi to step down like Assad and give Egyptians their liberty.