August 24, 2013

Syria Is The Gateway To World War III: What Will President Obama Do?

"History is full of places where hundreds of thousands of people like you and I have died, and I go back to World War I as the stellar example, because every major capital had idiots in charge. That's what we have in Tehran and Washington. We have idiots in charge in both places. And we could be looking at the beginning of a true tragedy because of these idiots." - Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, U.S. Army (ret.), Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell (2002-2005). The quote appears in the documentary "A Future Scenario for Israel," made by VPRO Backlight, and directed by Marije Meerman.
American, Israeli, and Iranian elites are taking the world to war. But they've miscalculated world public opinion and the public appetite for war among these three nations.

This isn't 1913. This is 2013. There has been a worldwide political awakening, and there are new means of citizen-to-citizen communication across the planet. People won't tolerate an extended and catastrophic world war. They will turn their backs on their leaders. In fact, this has already happened.

Washington and Israel remain the greatest force of destruction and war in this century. If they attack Syria it will completely blow up the region. If Obama is smart, he will make peace with Assad, pursue serious negotiations with the Islamic Republic, and put pressure on Israel to swallow its giant ego and finally make peace with the Palestinians.