August 4, 2013

Patriotic Rebellion Against The New Caliphate In The Making: General al-Sisi Explains His Actions

Photo Source: Sara Hussein, AFP. From the article, "In Egypt, chorus of approval for army chief Sisi."

General al-Sisi:
"They have an international presence in more than 60 countries in the world—the Muslim Brotherhood. The idea that gathers them together is not nationalism, it’s not patriotism, it is not a sense of a country—it is only an ideology that is totally related to the concept of the organization." [Source: "You Turned Your Back on the Egyptians" by Lally Weymouth, Slate, August 3, 2013].
Colonel Patrick Lang:
Political Islamism is seen by Egyptian liberals, Christians and the officer corps as a specific threat to modern Egypt. The romance carried on by Washington with Islamists in Egypt contributed greatly to the decline of American influence there. There are too many naive "kids" in positions of influence in American government.
Historian Webster G. Tarpley:
We were some weeks or months away from the creation of an Islamic emirate of north Sinai, the breakdown of the Egyptian state authority in that area. . . . In the current situation that you're in, in terms of foreign policy, any state is an ally. Any state is an ally. It doesn't matter what the direction is, doesn't matter how oppressive, any state is an ally because in most cases the alternative tends to be absolute chaos, delirium, and the collapse of civilization.

The Egyptian army this past week has launched a large-scale operation to crush the forces attempting to carve an Islamic emirate out of the territory of the country of Egypt. So that is obviously key. And at the same time there was this plan afoot that we followed here in some detail to use the 500,000 people of the Egyptian armed forces to attack Syria. That was the plan of Morsi and company. And perhaps also an attack on Ethiopia. [Source: "Moslem Brotherhood Bid to Restore Caliphate Under CIA Auspices Blocked by Assad, Sisi, Shiite Powers,", August 3, 2013].
An excerpt from, "Al-Qaeda Leader Freed in Morsi Jailbreak Seeks to Declare Sinai an Islamic Emirate," by Joshua Levitt, Algemeiner, July 22, 2013:
Egyptian security and armed forces arrested nine alleged terrorists in the Sinai desert operating under the command of al-Qaeda leader Ramzy Mowafy, Egypt’s Al-Ahram reported.

Mowafy was among 234 prisoners, including former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who escaped from the Wadi al-Natrun Prison during the country’s January 2011 revolution.