August 30, 2013

One Goal of Illegal Syria War: The Delegitimization of The United States As An International State Actor

The United States is committing political suicide by unilaterally and illegally attacking Syria.

The British Parliament's decision to vote down military action in Syria was not driven by rational, positive, democratic, and moral motives. No, not even close. This is the Parliament that has stood silent for almost a decade after one of its own members was assassinated for opposing the illegal Iraq war and unraveling the criminal war on terror narrative.

Has this Parliament pursued justice for MP Robin Cook? No. Okay, then, don't pretend that this is a moral and spiritually aware Parliament. This is not a moral Parliament. This is a cowardly Parliament. This is a Parliament that wants to embarrass the United States and leave it stranded after Obama stuck his neck out.

The devilish globalists who run Washington and London want to delegitimize the United States as an international state actor. They want to destroy America's name, and raise the reputation of the Untied Nations to new heights once this war is done. Obama is not an American patriot, he is a scheming internationalist who wants America's good name to be buried in the history books.

Why else would this con artist take America to war against Syria without a UN resolution, without Congressional approval, and without American public support? By the time this war is done, America will be completely delegitimized in the eyes of the world. And that is the goal. No one should have any delusions about this.

But this is not America acting in Syria. Oh no. America wants no part of this monstrosity. The international banking cartel that has occupied America since 1913 is behind this push for war. They long ago singled out America as a greater enemy to their long-term plans than anybody in the Middle East, Assad or whoever, because America is more powerful than them, and so it must be destroyed in this process.

And by that I mean they want to destroy America's reputation, the morality of its citizens, its revolutionary memory, its international credibility, its economy, everything that makes a nation strong and just.

II. Major And Minor Benefactors of An Illegal American Attack On Syria.

Who stands to gain from this illegal war if it is not America nor Syria?

There are three major benefactors. 1) Israel. 2) The United Nations. 3) Islam.

1) Israel. The attack against Syria has nothing to do with chemical weapons, red lines, American credibility, etc. That's all bullshit. It has do to with crushing the resistance to Israel, and Syria is the most important link in this chain. American and Israeli intelligence agencies have financed, trained, and armed Al-Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorists since early 2011 in order to militarize the protests against Assad and destroy the fabric of the country. A Syria split apart and shattered is good for Israel.

2). The United Nations. The UN is looking like the graceful saviour in all of this mess. It's importance has increased in Middle Eastern affairs. Politically, no other party can match the UN's relevance or credibility because it is now seen as the only rational and disinterested decision maker.

3). Islam. By attacking Syria illegally and immorally, America is helping the narrative of the Islamic forces in the region who are saying that Islam is under attack from the West. Iran and Hezbollah will be big winners because their propaganda is becoming true in light of Obama's reckless pursuit of Assad's head.

There are three other minor benefactors. They are 1) Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. 2) Kurds. 3) Russia. 

1. Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda, Jihadist terrorist groups, and political Islamist voices in the Syrian opposition will benefit militarily when America attacks the Syrian army. So far, they have been beaten by Assad, they have no real moral, spiritual, or physical strength. They are looking on with glee as America gears up to attack Syria because their prayers have been answered. 

2. Kurds. A weakened Syria means a greater chance for the Kurds to form their own state. They will still face heavy obstacles, though. Al-Qaeda and their international backers and Turkey do not want the Kurds to create their own country.

3. Russia. Russia is coming across as a very reasonable, moral, rational, and honest party in all of this. America's loss is Russia's gain in international public opinion. Russia is looking like a restrained, responsible, and practical man, while America looks like a "monkey with a grenade," as a Russian politician recently put it.  

III. America Does Not Have To Attack Syria To Save Face.

There is a lot of foolish talk that the only way that America can preserve its credibility and save face is if it attacks Syria and backs up its red line rhetoric. This is nonsense on so many levels. The only people who talk like this are people who don't care about America's long-term credibility, such as the Israelis, or the internationalists in Washington who want to destroy America's name and raise the name of the UN.

America is not forced to act against Assad. It can recognize Assad as a legitimate party in this war and pursue diplomatic solutions. Assad is definitely more legitimate than Al-Qaeda since he has over fifty percent of the Syrian people's support and a real army under his command.

Obama, Kerry, Rice, and the other members of the Obama administration are making America commit political suicide. They are not Americans in my eyes since they are not acting in the best interests of America. They are something else, something out of hell.