August 30, 2013

Obama Promises "Limited" And "Narrow" Strikes Against Syria

War is not a casual affair. But the way President Obama speaks you'd think America is just going for a stroll in the park.

This is criminal and irresponsible leadership.

If you are going to go to war, state your reasons, provide the evidence for the other side's wrongdoing, explain why there are no peaceful avenues, and then bomb the shit out of the enemy.

But, this is not Obama's approach. He has not provided any evidence, he is barely stating his reasons why he wants to attack Syria other than repeating the lie about Assad using chemical weapons, he is not serious about making peace and finding common ground, and, worst of all, he is not going to use all of America's military power to bring down the regime.

Obama is coming across as a lying bully who is in over his head rather than a serious war-time leader who is fighting a just war.

Obama: Syrian Chemical Arms Use Threatens Security. Source: Bloomberg. Date: August 30.