August 14, 2013

Not All The Protesters In Egypt Are Peaceful (Video)

The video below shows two masked men firing at the Egyptian police. It dispels the media generated myth that the protesters in Egypt are peaceful, hippie-era lovers who just want democracy to be restored. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not all the protesters are unarmed and peaceful. There are many violent extremists, agent provocateurs, and most likely foreign Jihadists brought in by the Muslim Brotherhood gang to create disruption and disorder. Sure, there are many protesters who have zero aspirations for power and believe they are in the streets for the right reasons. They have families, careers, values, etc, and they are generally good human beings, and this is true for every protest on the planet, anywhere in the world. But the vicious, twisted-minded leaders behind these protests are thirsting for power even more than the generals.

The Muslim Brotherhood was openly supporting Jihadist extremists in the Sinai while they were in power, so imagine to what extent of violence they are willing to go to now that they are out of power. Their methods are not peaceful. 

This is a repeat of what happened in Syria. There, violent Jihadist extremists under guidance of the Muslim Brotherhood and foreign countries attacked the police and even ordinary people. When the police fired back in self-defense, they cried to the international press that they were being violently oppressed and demanded outside support for their "pro-democracy" protests. Most Syrians knew their claims were bullshit, which is why the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired revolution against Assad has failed.

The idea that the Muslim Brotherhood is pro-democracy and that the army cracking down on them is an attack on democracy is so factually wrong and anti-intellectual. These protests are not the Egyptian version of Occupy Wall Street, or the protests against the banksters in Europe. This is a war between a marginalized, transnational political-religious group with a violent past and a dictatorial ideology and the Egyptian state that has the clear support of the majority of the Egyptian people.   

Egypt Govt Urges Mursi Supporters To "Stop Incitements To Violence" (NTDTV, August 14).