August 17, 2013

MB & Al-Qaeda In Egypt Desecrate Churches, But Obama Administration Directs World's Ire At People-Backed Army

An excerpt from, "Al Qaeda Flag Flies High Above Christian Churches" by Raymond Ibrahim [Gatestone Institute, August 7]:
Days ago, al-Qaeda’s Egyptian leader, Ayman Zawahiri, portrayed  the overthrow of Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood as a “Crusader” campaign led by Coptic Pope Tawadros II who, according to Zawahiri and other terrorists, is trying to create a Coptic state in Egypt.

Since then, not only are Egypt’s Christians and churches now being attacked in ways unprecedented in the modern era, but new reports indicate that al-Qaeda’s black flag has been raised on some of them, specifically St. George Church in Sohag.  Considering that it was al-Qaeda linked terrorists who  initiated one of the bloodiest church attacks in recent history, the 2010 Baghdad church attack where nearly 60 Christians were slaughtered (click here for graphic images), that al-Qaeda is singling out Egypt’s Christians bodes ill.
An excerpt from, "Morsi Supporters Desecrate Churches, Target Christians" by Ryan Mauro [Clarion Project, August 5]:
The Egyptian daily Shorouk News reports that supporters of former President Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, are desecrating churches and have raised the flag of Al-Qaeda in front of one church on Saturday night. The Clarion Project was provided with a translation of the newspaper report.

Hundreds of Morsi backers protested outside the Mary Girgis (St. George) Church in Girga in Sohag Governorate, furious at Christian support for the overthrow of Morsi. The church attendees locked the doors and stayed inside the building as the Islamist protesters denounced secularism and the Coptic Pope. The crowd then raised the black flag of Al-Qaeda, according to the Egyptian newspaper.

Dozens of Islamists also rioted in a Christian village in Maragha, also located in Sohag Governorate. The police had to step in as property was trespassed on and crosses on some of the homes’ doors and windows were destroyed.
Historian Webster G. Tarpley tweets:
#Sisi's #Egypt troops pre-empted #Syria-style civil war in #Cairo-brother of #alQaeda boss #Zawahiri nabbed as Bros storm police, churches

#Egypt ForMin #Fahmi rightly tells pseudo-humanitarian meddler #SamanthaPower to butt out: law & order = purely internal affair for #Egypt

Blatant US support for #Morsi-#Zawahiri forces pushes #Egypt towards anti-#alQaeda anti-terrorist bloc with #Syria, #Iran, #Hezbollah