August 17, 2013

Ecuador Commits Foreign Policy Error, Sides With Tyrannical MB Over The Will of The Egyptian People

Save your condemnation, socialists. Egypt is at war with CIA-backed Islamic terrorists who burn churches and torture innocents. Ecuador should mind its own business, leave the Muslim world alone, focus on the problems of its own hemisphere, and just stick with its anti-Washington rhetoric.
"Ecuador recalled its ambassador to Egypt for consultations on Wednesday after Egyptian security forces crushed the protest camps of supporters of the deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi and shot nearly 200 of them dead.

In a brief statement, Ecuador's Foreign Ministry said the Egyptian people had chosen Mursi as their constitutional leader.

"Following the coup d'etat which toppled President Mursi in July of this year, Egyptian society has been wrapped up in a climate of civil protest and repression on the part of the de facto government," the statement said." - Reuters, "Ecuador recalls ambassador to Egypt after bloodshed in Cairo" August 14, 2013.
Notice all the misinformation and propaganda talking points in this short article by Reuters. Shameless reporters are throwing another Arab country into the pit of chaos by spreading lies.

Three Points.

1). The Muslim Brotherhood Protests Were Not Peaceful. Egyptian security forces didn't just walk up out of the blue on a bright summer day and shoot 200 protesters point-blank. They were defending themselves in many cases. Also, this operation was planned weeks in advance, and geared towards the end of Ramadan so as to avoid the use of violence during the holy month. The Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins were not peaceful camps, there were violent protesters and agent provocateurs, and there were many weapons hidden away inside. The MB camps were by no means similar to Occupy camps in North America and Europe where peaceful protesters gathered with books, music, friends, and families to engage in free spirited political discussions. The MB has a totalitarian nature; it hates free discussion of ideas. Mob mentality runs amok. There are cases of innocent Egyptians that were tortured by MB supporters.

2). The Egyptian People Rejected Morsi's Rule, Expressed Their Support For The Coup. The Egyptian people rejected Morsi as their leader after he delegitmized himself during his brief rule by committing many anti-democratic, stupid and plainly ridiculous acts, such as installing a convicted terrorist whose Islamist group bombed a tourist site in Luxor in 1997 to be the governor of Luxor. Morsi was acting unconstitutionally. The Egyptian people saw through Morsi's deceptions, and took their country back from a lunatic whose policies and actions were not beneficial to Egypt.

3). Ecuador And Other Countries Should Mind Their Own Business. Egypt is not weakened in any way by vain condemnations from overzealous, activistic, and stupid governments, whether they be in Ecuador, Turkey, Iran, Europe, or the United States. The Egyptian people are stuck between two strong-willed masters, and one of them is more patriotic, sane, civilized, and worthy of international support than the other, which would be the military, not the totalitarian and terroristic Muslim Brotherhood.