August 26, 2013

Colonel Patrick Lang On The Dubious Claims Made About Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons

Obama throwing money at Syria. Make it rain, bitchez!

An excerpt from "Drinking More Koolaid - Where is the proof in Syria?" by Colonel Patrick Lang (August 26):
I wrote "Drinking the Koolaid." It was published in "Middle East Policy" in 2004. The article is analysis of the deliberate deception employed by yhe Bush Administration in lying the United States into war with Iraq.

The same methods are being used now to drag the American people into another Middle Eastern war. The corporate, self-servng media are leading the effort to "brainwash" Americans into acceptance of war against Syria.

The latest polling indicates that there is little support among Americans for ANY KIND of military intervention in Syria. Perhaps people are tired of being lied to.

I seldom agree with Eliot Cohen but he has an opinion piece linked to below in today's Washington Post in which he sensibly makes the point that Air Power is a brittle instrument and that the use of any level of missile strike against Syria will inevitably lead to greater and greater measures in order to avoid the appearance of weakness that failure of effect will create. Richard Haas, president of the CFR said today that polling indicating a 25% level of support in the USA for intervention is flawed vecause the polling might suggest a big war and Haas thinks it will be a small war. In fact, the 25% level of support in the poll is contingent on proof that it is the Syrian government that did the deed. Without that proof the level of support for intervention is around 12%.

Where is the proof that the Syrian government killed all these people in the eastern suburbs of Damascus? Where is the proof? Show us the proof. The Obama Administration says it has no doubt. This is a matter of war and peace, of life or death. Show us the proof. Senator Corker stated this weekend that all the social media indicate that the Syrian government is guilty. Is that the proof? Social media?

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An excerpt from, "No need for the IC, the US Government has U-tube and Facebook" by Colonel Patrick Lang (August 26):
Clapper should be frightened. The State Department says it relies on videos posted on the internet for its intelligence.

John Kerry left his boat today long enough to deliver a virtual declaration of war against Syria. Obama doesn't even have the balls to do this for himself?

Before walking from the Foggy Bottom briefing room without taking questions, Kerry informed the world that he and the president were absolutely sure that the Syrian government had used CW en masse against people in the Damascus suburbs.

Evidence? He said that he had seen the videos and pictures on the internet and that they tore open the wounds of his heart once again. That was all the evidence that he mentioned except to claim that the US Government has more information that it will make available at some future time. IMO this is likely to be after the war is well under way, and construction of "decks of face cards" has begun.
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