August 29, 2013

CNN Viciously Attacks Syria's First Lady; Comments For The Video Are Pro-Syria & Anti-Al-Qaeda

CNN: We do sleaze better than the rest.

Below are the highest rated comments on the CNN YouTube video below called, "The woman behind al-Assad's regime":
"I cannot stand the way CNN puts that he is a dictator, when he is trying to save his country from barbaric rebels that Obama is funding and supporting with deadly weapons. What do you think we have in this country? This is no longer the America I have known. We are under a globalist dictatorship, where they poison us through our food (GMO), water (toxic waste that they call fluoride) and toxic chemicals for their weather modification programs, which they now advise. Cancer viruses in vaccines" - Gail Fitches (14 thumbs up)

"LOl at u brainwashed Monkeys Asma is supporting a real Hero is doing the whole world a favour by killing U.S funded Terrorist Al Qaeda and Nusra U believe CNN and BBC and Al Jazeera that is run by Israel who support terrorists?" - russian saiyan (8 thumbs up)
Title: The woman behind al-Assad's regime. Source: CNN. Date Published: August 28. Description:
CNN's Brian Todd reports on how Syria's first lady deals with claims the government used chemical weapons on civilians.
Seriously, CNN, attacking Assad with lies wasn't enough? You just had to attack the first lady, too? That's fucked up. Attacking the characters of first ladies is a mark of low class, spiritually and intellectually speaking. First ladies in any country are off limits, and that includes America and Syria.