July 19, 2013

There Is No Moderation In War: The Myth of Moderate "Rebels" In Syria

The last two defeated Democratic and Republican candidates are the loudest voices calling for the arming of Jihadist terrorists in Syria. Apparently, electoral failure translates to political influence in Washington. Humanity's message to Kerry and McCain: retire, die, or check into a mental institution; the world has no place for dinosaurs, sorry.
"Please believe us: we're not al-Qaeda; we're the good guys. Those al-Qaeda, they cannot control even who's a jihadi in Iraq and who's a jihadi in Syria; they think it's two separate things. Here in Syria there are so many jihadis from so many different places, we don't even know who they are working for anymore, it's a mess! But this has nothing to do with us. We're the good guys.

Well, OK - it's true that on the battleground, we have to talk to the not so moderates, and we even organize operations together. After all they are better fighters than we are. Some even fought against you, Amrika, in Anbar province in Iraq! And now they are your friends! But anyway, if only we would have more weapons ... We would dump them right away! Make them go back to the back of beyond where they came from." - Pepe Escobar, "Meet a moderate Syrian insurgent," Asia Times, July 16, 2013.

"These groups have been working together from the very beginning of the insurgency. While the Syrian locals may have been a bit more moderate in the beginning they were still religious radicals who named all their battalions after historic Sunni warriors. Their differences with the foreign jihadis fighting in Syria is smaller than with the general Syrian population. That infamous guy who was filmed eating the raw lung of a dead Syrian soldier? A "moderate" local Free Syrian Army guy. Is he now supposed to get more weapons because he also clashes with some other jihadis about his share of the loot?

To suggest that there are "good" and "moderate" insurgents is falling for a trivial ploy. If there are at all ideological differences between the various groups they are only gradual. Besides - any weapon given to any insurgent will be matched by the government and only cost more blood and lives." - Moon of Alabama, "Syria: The "Moderate" Insurgents," July 13, 2013.
There is no such thing as "moderate" rebels in Syria. The forces fighting the government are not even rebels. They are the dirtiest terrorists around. Their aim is not to liberate Syria but to bring it under Islamic tyranny of a very violent, xenophobic, and racist variety. 

Assad is a rebel because of his stance towards USrahell, and he is moderate because he has called for dialogue with legitimate opposition voices in Syria.

Language has been reversed and turned upside down in this war.

Assad should make a speech saying if Washington is interested in arming moderate rebels then they should arm the Syrian army. That would ensure both a rebel victory and a moderate government in Syria.