July 21, 2013

The Kurdish Sun Will Rise: Al-Qaeda, Turks, Islamists, Etc., Cannot Change This New Reality

Read for background:

Al-Qaeda is trying to terrorize and intimidate Kurds in northern Syria, where they are being sheltered by Turkey, a major U.S. ally, and a regional collaborator in the Zionist oppression of the Palestinians.

The Turkish-Al-Qaeda-Saudi alliance against Kurds in Syria is laughable. This makeshift alliance brings together the most tyrannical, obnoxious, and racist forces in the region. They have only one tool in their governance toolbox: terrorism.

They have no plans for developing the Kurdish towns and cities that they intend on seizing unlawfully. They deny other people's rights, culture, history, and status. They are acting against history, righteousness, justice, truth, and the natural rights of the Kurdish people, which is why they are losing the fight and will fail to seize one inch of Kurdish land. 

The Jihadist terrorists who are intruding on native Kurdish land hail from outside of the area such as Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These uneducated, xenophobic, clueless, and fanatical fools won't emerge victorious in Syria.

The Fictitious Syrian Army (FSA) is melting under the combined heat of Assad's power and the Kurdish Sun. The collective might of the Kurdish people and the resiliency of the real Syrian army is too much to handle for these invaders and terrorists.

These foreign-directed terrorists have no business being in Syria or anywhere near Kurdish land. The Kurds are defending their homes, shops, towns, culture, and way of life. The Jihadist terrorists are not defending anything or liberating anyone in Syria. They are an invading force, bringing with them blood and death to the mountains of the Kurds and the ancient cities of Syria.

Jihadist terrorists are not true, free warriors. They are told where to fight, who to fight against, and what cause to fight for without realizing or questioning the justness of their cause.  

The Jihadist terrorists are being sent to Kurdistan, many of them by their venal religious masters, to die for a lost cause. It is a cruel fate. They blindly obey clerics in authority and ignore their own judgment and instinct. Their passions are being played up with religious rhetoric and they are being directed to fight in lands and cities where there is no just cause for their presence.

The Jihadist terrorists say they are dying for "Allah" while they destroy ancient and beautiful Syrian cities and terrorize Kurds for their masters in Washington, the Gulf, and Turkey. Who is this "Allah" that they are screaming about like mad? Is He made in America like their weapons, too? Why is their "Allah" against the freedom of minorities and the right to self-rule?

The Jihadist terrorists in Syria should take their American weapons, their empty religious slogans, their cowardly clerics who call for blood to flow from the safety of their palaces, and go find an artificial country to destroy such as Saudi Arabia.

Kurdistan, unlike some artificial countries with borders drawn by moronic imperialists, is a real country that is rooted in the geography of the land, in the hearts of its brave people, and in thousands of years of recorded history. Its appearance and blossoming is a matter of when, not if.

Islamic tyranny of the Sunni branch, backed by Turkey, America, France, England, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, will not rise and prosper in Kurdish land.