July 13, 2013

The Frame Up of Syria's Bashar al-Assad Has Failed, Russian-Provided Evidence Proves FSA Used Gas

"Russia said Tuesday that its scientific analysis of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria on March 19 showed it probably had been carried out by insurgents using sarin nerve gas of “cottage industry” quality delivered by a crudely made missile. The finding contradicted conclusions presented by Western nations, including the United States, that the Syrian government had been responsible." - Rick Gladstone, "Russia Says Study Suggests Syria Rebels Used Sarin," New York Times, July 9, 2013.

"The Russians sent people to Syria to gather their own samples and their conclusion is that the Sarin was home made by the rebels. The Congress of the US seem to think that is a "red line," and has moved to block fundng for giving weapons to the Syrian rebels on the basis that future movement of such weapons to the jihadis among the rebels could not be prevented. Having participated in such "drills" in the past, I would agree that once you give people guns you loose control of the guns forever.

The sad thing about the Sarin gas debacle is that the BHO Administration clearly tried to manipulate the American people, media and Congress by exagerating and lying." - Retired Colonel Patrick Lang, "The rebels in Syria made and used Sarin - Russia reports," Sic Semper Tyrannis, July 10, 2013.