July 11, 2013

Rev. Dr. Steven E. Berry Interviews René Girard On Scripture

"Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World" by René Girard. "The book became a national bestseller in France, and provoked "intense (and often heated) discussion in the upper echelons of the French academy," (Wikipedia).


René Girard (born December 25, 1923) is a French historian, literary critic, and philosopher of social science. His work belongs to the tradition of anthropological philosophy.

René Girard's writings cover many areas. Although the reception of his work is different in each of these areas, there is a growing body of secondary literature that uses his hypotheses and ideas in the areas of literary criticism, critical theory, anthropology, theology, psychology, mythology, sociology, economics, cultural studies, and philosophy.
Rev. Dr. Steven E. Berry Interviews René Girard On Scripture. Source: YouTube Channel Steven Berry. Date Published: March 30, 2012. Description:
Rev. Dr. Steven E. Berry interviews renowned theoretical anthropologist, Rene Girard.
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