July 18, 2013

Major Fighting Between Kurds and Al Qaeda In Syria

 Al-Qaeda is the black death.

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Al-Qaeda is a plague that was invented by the spin doctors in U.S., Pakistan, England, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. It is not a legitimate social, political, and spiritual movement. Any check that is put on this plague from whatever army---Kurds, Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, Israel, Iran, etc---is a good and positive thing.

This plague won't go away anytime soon, especially if USrael and their Sunni slaves in the region have anything to say about it.

I read somewhere that killing a thousand brainwashed Jihadists won't make any difference, but getting rid of one influential cleric who indoctrinate these terrorists will produce immediate and long-term positive effects.

The hate preachers out of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other places who put out Al-Qaeda's message need to disappear in order for progress, prosperity, and peace to occur. That is the only way to destroy Al-Qaeda and save the Middle East from ruin.

Obama's fake killing of Osama bin Laden had no effect on the ground, especially since it was very soon after Bin Laden's official exit from history that America decided to arm Al-Qaeda to oust Assad.

The only forces that can stop Al-Qaeda's advance in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere are those native to the region: Hezbollah, Kurds, educated and secular Arabs, Jews, etc. Education is key. The use of weapons alone won't make Al-Qaeda vanish.

A speech can go a long way towards securing peace and stability in the region, granted that it is given by someone who is recognized as the leader of the Muslim world by both Sunnis and Shiites. 

Major Fighting Between Kurds and Al Qaeda In Syria. Source: YouTube Channel bnfox. Date Published: July 18, 2013. Description:
A Useful Idiot brings another story about the breakdown within the Syrian opposition although that is misleading - the Kurds are not so much in opposition as much as mostly wanting to protect their own Kurdish interests, something they are very good at. This new split and conflict is dramatic, spreading fast with notable casualties. An interesting new development in this complex conflict.