July 2, 2013

Halla Diyab, Syrian Filmmaker And Women's Rights Activist, Says Only Dialogue Will Resolve The War In Syria

A Syria in ruins is what USrahell wants and is working for. Photo Source: Pablo Tosco/AFP/Getty Images.

"Halla Diyab is an award-winning Syrian writer, filmmaker, broadcaster and women's rights activist currently based in the UK. She is well known in the Middle East as the writer of controversial dramas and for outspoken television appearances as both a presenter and a guest." (Source: Wikipedia).

On the question of arming the Syrian "rebels" aka foreign-funded fanatical Salafist murderers: "Lifting the embargo on arms will not bring Assad to the negotiating table because that will not threaten the Syrian government because they are supported by the Russians, and by Hezbollah, and by the Iranians. So the only way to bring the opposition and the regime to the table is actually to stop arming both sides and also to impressing both parties to try to seek a political transition instead of violence. Militarizing the conflict in Syria will not stop the bloodshed on the ground." - Halla Diyab.

On the abuse that the Syrian people have suffered since the beginning of the conflict: "I've never seen during these two years, as a Syrian, anything which has been done for the Syrian people. Syrian people now are actually paying the price for the conflict in Syria. We have refugees, we have people who are dying from both sides." - Halla Diyab.

On whether or not to establish a no-fly zone over Syria: "Look at Iraq, and look at Afghanistan, and look at Libya. Tell me one example in the Middle East where we have had really succeeded in solving our political problems through arms. We need dialogue and we need political transition." - Halla Diyab.