July 13, 2013

Great Decisions Lecture "Iran" by Dr. Christopher J. Bolan, USAWC

Video Title: Great Decisions Lecture "Iran" by Dr. Christopher J. Bolan, USAWC. Source: USArmyWarCollege. Date Published: March 1, 2013. Description:
Dr. Chris Bolan, USAWC, a former Middle East policy advisor to Vice Presidents Gore and Cheney, addressed the security challenges associated with "Iran" on Feb 22 at AHEC. What accounts for the troubled history of U.S.-Iranian relations? What are key U.S. and Iranian strategic interests in the region? What are the policy options for U.S. leaders as they struggle to deal with Iran's improving nuclear capabilities? Is a diplomatic resolution possible or is conflict inevitable?
This is a very good and informative presentation. It is grounded in reality and history, not ideology and fantasy. If you don't have the time or desire to watch all of the video, make sure to read the following two articles by Dr. Christopher J. Bolan: "Top Ten Myths About Iran" and "The Easy Road to War with Iran."

Dr. Christopher J. Bolan discusses his article, "Top Ten Myths About Iran," from 26:00 - 42:00.