June 23, 2013

Why Michael Herr went to Vietnam as a war reporter

"If war was hell and only hell and there were no other colours in the palette, if that was the essence of the experience, and all that there was to the experience, I don't think people would continue to make war." - Michael Herr.

Michael Herr (born April 13, 1940) is an American writer and former war correspondent, best known as the author of Dispatches (1977), a memoir of his time as a correspondent for Esquire magazine (1967–1969) during the Vietnam War. The book was called the best "to have been written about the Vietnam War" by The New York Times Book Review; novelist John le CarrĂ© called it "the best book I have ever read on men and war in our time."

Title: Why Michael Herr went to Vietnam as a war reporter. Source: DocsOnline.

Michael Herr: the heart of darkness. Source: DocsOnline.