June 9, 2013

To The National Paranoia Agency, We Are All Potential Bad Guys

"We live now in an era where normal values have been displaced. The good is called bad, the bad - good." - Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya (assassinated in October 2006).
For the totalitarian National Paranoia Agency (NPA), which is running a massive surveillance program targeting the American and global populations, there are two types of individuals: bad guys and good guys.

Definition of a bad guy = An individual, either in government or in civil society, who is critical of government policies and political leaders.

Definition of a good guy = An individual who sheepishly and mindlessly defends the government's worst abuses and crimes.

From the NPA's point of view, a bad guy is not a terrorist, a bad guy is an individual who tells the truth about terrorists. The NPA does not care about stopping the flow of terrorists and arms across borders. President Obama has shipped guns to Mexico, and is funding Jihadist terrorists in Syria.

The NPA does not want informed citizens. It wants brainwashed sheep. But, with heroes like Edward Snowden around, it is getting harder to keep people in the dark.