June 22, 2013

The Imperial Agenda in Syria - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

Obama's War on Al-Qaeda = Write a script about killing the already deceased figurehead of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, sound presidential on television when declaring his death, and turn away questions by saying his body was dumped into a nameless sea as part of an Islamic ritual. Then have a good laugh about it in the Oval Office while watching highlights of the Heat winning a second championship on ESPN.

Obama's "killing" of Bin Laden and his war against Al-Qaeda represents the Mount Everest of political manipulation and media fakery. He wants people to continue to live in a fantasy world, not embrace the reality of what his administration and the previous administration have done.

Assad's War on Al-Qaeda = Kill thousands of Al-Qaeda terrorists who have invaded Syria on the request of foreign countries and turned the lives of Syrians into hell. These Jihadist terrorists have waged war against Syria not by staging periodic terrorist attacks but by taking whole cities hostage and executing anyone who challenges them, even for the pettiest of reasons.

Obama claims he has decimated Al-Qaeda, but Assad has actually done it. Obama watches Assad deal with Al-Qaeda on television in the morning and then plays another round of golf in the afternoon. He really is the slacker-in-chief.

Obama and his allies have to practically rebuild Al-Qaeda every ten days by arming new Jihadist terrorists and sending them to Syria to wreak as much havoc as humanly possible. If they have it their way, Al-Qaeda will still be around in 2040.   

The Imperial Agenda in Syria - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV. Source: GlobalResearchTV. (June 22, 2013):