June 3, 2013

Only 10 Percent of Syrians Support The Jihadist Opposition

Doesn't this clown have. . . what's the word, oh yeah, advisers? You know, people who can find Syria on a map for him and tell him who to stand beside and who not to stand beside in a foreign country.

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Excerpts from, "NATO data: Assad winning the war for Syrians’ hearts and minds" (Source: WorldTribune.com, May 31):
After two years of civil war, support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad was said to have sharply increased.

NATO has been studying data that told of a sharp rise in support for Assad. The data, compiled by Western-sponsored activists and organizations, showed that a majority of Syrians were alarmed by the Al Qaida takeover of the Sunni revolt and preferred to return to Assad.
The data, relayed to NATO over the last month, asserted that 70 percent of Syrians support the Assad regime. Another 20 percent were deemed neutral and the remaining 10 percent expressed support for the rebels.
A report to NATO said Syrians have undergone a change of heart over the last six months. The change was seen most in the majority Sunni community, which was long thought to have supported the revolt.

“The Sunnis have no love for Assad, but the great majority of the community is withdrawing from the revolt,” the source said. “What is left is the foreign fighters who are sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They are seen by the Sunnis as far worse than Assad.”
An excerpt from, "John McCain and the Desperate Flailing of Syrian Oppositionists’ External Supporters" (Source: Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, June 3):
Much was made last week about the infiltration of Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) into Syria for a brief photo op with various anti-Assad “rebels”—who, it turns out, have allegedly been involved in kidnapping Lebanese Shi’a pilgrims.  (Senator McCain claims that none of the individuals with whom he was photographed identified themselves by names of those accused of kidnapping Shi’a pilgrims; his spokesman says it would be “regrettable” if the Senator had been photographed with people accused of committing such acts.)   Speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, another GOP Senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky, noted acidly, “They say there are some pro-Western people and we’re going to vet them.  Well, apparently we’ve got a senator over there who got his picture taken with some kidnappers, so I don’t know how good a job we’re going to do vetting those who are going to get the arms.”
An excerpt from, "If the Syrian Dictator Must Go… Why Not the Dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain?" (Source: Washington's Blog, May 31):
Why is the U.S. backing the dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain?

Because the U.S. backs the Sunni Muslims against the Shias. The leaders in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain are Sunni Muslims … while the leaders in Syria, Iran and Lebanon are Shia Muslims.

Yup … the U.S. is involved in a religious war – between the two factions of Islam (and is actually backing the most violent elements) – as part of a geopolitical strategy to exert control over the natural gas market.

Indeed, the U.S. is liberally backing Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood (both Sunni) terrorists in their fight against Shia Muslims …

… And in their fight against Christians and atheists.