June 3, 2013

Obama Calls for End to Mental Illness Stigma

In a speech today, President Obama addressed the issue of mental illness. In a future speech, he is going to connect the mental illness epidemic to the rise of conspiracy theories and "trutherism." Just watch.

In the new America, whistleblowers and truth-tellers are labeled "mentally ill," in an attempt to delegitimize their opinions about the judgment of their leaders and their concerns for the direction of their country and the world.

The government's approach to dissent and social criticism in America and the West is very similar to other closed and totalitarian societies. But history is on the side of free thought and free speech. The totalitarian ideology of Communism didn't succeed, the totalitarian ideology of Zionism is collapsing, and the totalitarian ideology of Islamism isn't likely to succeed either.

America's totalitarian ideology is Counter-Terrorism, and it is also failing big time. And when an ideology fails to keep people in line, that's when state terrorism against the population really begins. The U.S. government learned a couple of things from the Soviet rulers, like how to terrorize your own people while making yourself look good. They also learned to use the language of mental illness to ridicule critics and patriotic dissidents.

Obama Calls for End to Mental Illness Stigma. Source: AP (June 3).