June 6, 2013

Mark Dice Video: Californians Sign Petition Supporting Holocaust Beach Party

Here is another of Mark Dice's fake petition videos. If you don't know, he asks oblivious people in California, many of them happy-go-lucky tourists, to sign outrageous and offensive petitions.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel. It's cheap. It is like a bully going to a playground to rough up some little kids and having a good laugh about it. I generally like and respect Mark Dice's work, but not these videos. 

In this one he asks people to sign a petition in support of a Holocaust beach party. I don't know how well edited the video is, but a surprising number of people actually sign their name without stopping to ask why the word Holocaust is included.

Is the U.S. education system so bad that the word Holocaust has not registered in the minds of some people? I expected the Zionist brainwashing of American children to have been more successful.

So I think it is in some ways a good thing that many people in America are oblivious. They are sweet-natured people. The flip side of it is that sweet-natured people allow themselves to be manipulated by evil leaders in power. 

Title: Californians Sign Petition Supporting Holocaust Beach Party. Source: Mark Dice.