June 14, 2013

America Is Fighting To The Last Arab In Syria

"Those to whom fate has loaned force perish through their over-reliance on it." - Simone Weil, from her classic essay, "The Iliad or the Poem of Force."
The U.S./NWO objective in Syria is to cause as much misery, chaos, and death as possible. The Grim Reaper doesn't care what types of personalities and groups seize Damascus. Washington wants the most ruthless and sectarian groups to come out on top. In a Syria with a weak central state, the foreign-backed Jihadist terrorist groups will be free to massacre as many religious and ethnic minorities as they want. And if this happens, it will happen with U.S. blessing and U.S. weapons.

Just take one look at post-Gaddafi Libya or Afghanistan or Iraq circa 2006, and you'll see what America has in store for Syria: chaos and destruction.

Since the false flag on 9/11, American leaders have been obsessed with exporting death and destruction to the Muslim world because America itself is in a spiritual, financial, mental, and political state of death and destruction.

Meanwhile, Israel is looking on with a devilish grin, and egging America on to destroy even more of Syria and the rest of the region.

A commenter named, "Cynthia," posted a very astute comment about Washington's evil intentions toward Syria and the larger region on the website 'Moon of Alabama':
It looks to me like a major US strategy goal in the entire ME is to create and maintain chaos all over the place. It doesn't matter which side we support, as long as nobody ultimately wins and sets up an orderly situation. The idea seems to be that we can sell weapons to anybody and everybody, we can maintain disorder on Russia's southern borders, and disrupt the international oil/gas market at will. Anybody who sells oil/gas in other than US dollars is a dead man. Anybody who wants to use oil wealth to establish independence from international finance is a dead man.

Having a constant proxy war with nebulous participants and shifting alliances keeps the resources in the ground, prevents long-term trade arrangements, and creates a situation where whoever has the biggest army on the ground is the only power wherever they are. Our "nation-building" efforts don't lead to anything because they aren't mean to. They're just a means of distributing spoils, and keeping the churn going. And if any other power (meaning, Russia) gets involved, we will then fund the other side, to bleed them dry again. Look how we keep stirring up trouble every place China has made a substantial investment.

We seem to have learned something from the unconventional wars we can't win. Now we're starting them all over the world, so nobody else can win them either.