May 11, 2013

James Wyckoff - "The Madness of Civilizations And Cultures"

The madness of the Joker is nothing compared to the madness of Israel or the Barack Hussein Obama administration.

James Wyckoff - There Are Two Realities.
The Madness of Western Civilization.
Madness Has No Boundaries: The Irrationality of The West, Israel, and Islam.

Below is an excerpt from, "Franz Anton Mesmer: Between God and Devil," by James Wyckoff. 1975. Prentice Hall: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Pg. 118-119. 
But what is madness? And who is sane? When is a sane person mad, and when a madman sane? And what of the madness of civilizations and cultures? Had Hitler "won" World War II our definitions of sanity and insanity would surely have been different. Since it is the winning side that writes the history books it would have been the Allies' initiating the bombing of civilian populations rather than Hitler's concentration camps that historians would have seized on as the "insanity." Roosevelt, Churchill and the Allies would have been "madmen," while the victorious culture would have been the "sane." Man's interpretation is always a rationalization after the fact. Man reacts, and then he justifies what he has done.

Was the French Revolution simply a form of madness? Or may we separate the initial impulse toward liberation from the actual form that events finally took? Is it too subtle to draw the analogy between a culture and a single individual---from the point of view of energy and cycles?

An individual makes the effort, as it were, to "handle" his energy, his Life Force. He becomes an artist, a preacher, an alcoholic, or whatever he is able to become, so that he can accommodate that force. Sometimes it is too much for him. Sometimes it thickens into a stasis or it breaks against his tensions, his "armor," and smashes through. The psychotic and the criminal are cases in point. So, of course, in a more subtle and elusive way, is the politician. We may see a similarity in the weather. When the atmosphere becomes overloaded with pollution nature seeks an adjustment through hurricanes.

And indeed, wars and revolutions are as subject to the laws of energy and cycles as are the weather and individual people. Yet man eternally believes that he "can do something about it." But is a man who takes a meat cleaver and hacks his family to pieces any more "insane" than a nation---also attempting to break through its energy stasis---which wipes out hundreds and thousands of other human beings? But of course we never see ourselves as mad; we see only the "others."