May 9, 2013

Flynt Leverett: Going to Tehran - Conversations from Penn State

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Title: Flynt Leverett: Going to Tehran - Conversations from Penn State. YouTube Video Description - [Channel: wpsu. Published on May 2, 2013]:
Flynt Leverett, expert on the Middle East and author of he new book, Going to Tehran, discusses U.S. foreign policy in Iran.

Professor Flynt Leverett had a distinguished career in the U.S. Government, having served with the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department, and the National Security Council. He is a founding faculty member at Penn State's School of International Affairs. He has written extensively on the politics, international relations, and political economy of the Middle East and Persian Gulf. His latest book, Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, was published in January 2013. With his wife and frequent co-author, Hillary Mann Leverett, Professor Leverett publishes, a prominent online forum.