May 30, 2013

Child Soldiers In The FSA

Video: Teens Train with Weapons at Al-Qaeda Youth Camp in Syria. (Source: MEMRI TV).

The Salafist terrorists in the FSA have resorted to putting weapons in the hands of clueless child soldiers and brainwashing their minds with empty slogans. Many of these weapons come from the United States and Europe.

Let's stand back and see what is happening here from the vantage point of sanity. American and European leaders are arming and funding extremist groups led by fanatics that recruit children to fight in a sectarian-driven war against Assad that will destroy Syria and consume the region in blood for many years to come.

How did it come to this?

The political leaders in the US, EU, Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia that are backing these fanatical and terrorist groups against the will of the Syrian people and international public opinion have lost touch with the world.

What is springing out of their policies is not democracy and freedom, but destruction and death. They have no values or knowledge to bestow on Syria, as they like to imagine. It is reflective of their evil intentions toward Syria that they are looking on as their weapons make their way into the hands of children who should be studying in school rather than dying on the battlefield.

But, remember this, death is a two-way street. We should not think that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, the EU, and the US will just arm these terrorists with an easy mind and call it a night. That's not how it works. Those who make destruction will see destruction come upon themselves. Nations that spread the weapons of mass death and the virus of war like it's no big deal eventually succumb to the poison that they unleashed.

Some people may believe that the sight of child soldiers entering the conflict in Syria that is fueled by the US and its allies is nothing too serious because they're just the children of crazed Muslims and it is their culture to be this way. But this idea is false and anti-historical.

The US, Israel, and their Gulf slaves have spread the destructive ideology of Salafism and supported groups like Al-Qaeda across the Muslim world for over a generation, by, in a lot of cases, successfully carrying out terrorist operations in their name around the world, thus raising the appeal of these groups to disaffected young Sunnis. Read, "The Western Roots of Islamic Fanaticism And The Betrayal of Sunni Muslim Youth," for further commentary.

Clerics who praise Al-Qaeda and support terrorism are also a big problem, and many of them are most likely on the payroll of the MI6 and CIA, as they do their bidding very enthusiastically. One example is Saudi cleric Muhammad bin Nasser Al-Suhaybani, who last year defended the killing of the American ambassador in Libya and the targeting of people on airplanes.

These types of clerics serve one purpose, and that is to make Islam look like a religion of savages and terrorists to the rest of the world. Some of these clerics have probably already given a fatwa saying that using child soldiers to overthrow Assad is permissible.

They say such things openly because human dignity means nothing to them and they don't have a conscience. So, on the one hand, they instruct boys to leave their homes and kill in the name of Islam and freedom, and on the other hand, they take the girls from refugee families and wed them to the crazed and cowardly terrorists.

For this reason alone the vicious and cruel government in Saudi Arabia deserves to fall, and its clerics should be stripped of their titles and beaten over the head. Now that would be true justice. What is going on in Syria at the moment is not justice.