April 18, 2013

The American Power Elite Should Read Confucius And Get Its Act In Order

Trust in government across the world is at an all-time low, but it is especially low in America, where U.S. officials have consistently lied to the people about nearly everything for over half a century now.

The unraveling of the official media and government response to the Boston marathon bombings is a sign that the criminally led government in America is unable to govern public perceptions and manage the public psyche.

Watch Alex Jones's interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik about the botched false flag in Boston.

A society without a functioning and stable government is even more disastrous and dangerous than a society that is micro-managed by a corrupt and criminal government. Let's hope that U.S. government leaders and public officials get their act in order and do positive things to solve problems and restore public trust in them. They should start by reading Confucius.

An excerpt from Confucius's The Analects, Book 12, Chapter 7:
1. Tsze-kung asked about government. The Master said, "The requisites of government are that there be sufficiency of food, sufficiency of military equipment, and the confidence of the people in their ruler."

2. Tsze-kung said, "If it cannot be helped, and one of these must be dispensed with, which of the three should be foregone first?" "The military equipment," said the Master.

3. Tsze-kung again asked, "If it cannot be helped, and one of the remaining two must be dispensed with, which of them should be foregone?" The Master answered, "Part with the food. From of old, death has been the lot of an men; but if the people have no faith in their rulers, there is no standing for the state."