March 29, 2013

Why Did The U.S. Arrest Its Own Soldier? Insanity?

The U.S. government arrested one of its own soldiers who was fighting alongside Jihadist terrorists in Syria. For background, read this, and this.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

Why send this soldier out to the battlefield, have him risk his life in a foreign country for a bullshit cause, and then arrest him for doing what he was ordered to do? This is a symptom of the insanity of America's military institutions and government agencies. America's stupid bureaucrats are insulting America's heroic warriors.

Is Washington arresting this soldier because it wants to pretend that it is still a nation of laws? Give it a break. Those days are long gone. Embrace terrorism and run with it, Washington. It is all you have left. And, for God's sake, stand by your soldiers, even if their running around with Jihadist terrorists. Throwing your own soldiers under the bus is a greater disgrace than financing and arming radical Jihadist terrorists. 

Video Source: ABC News.