March 14, 2013

The L.A. Times Fears Angry White Americans

In an absurd article called, "Peril from 'patriots'," the clueless editors of the L.A. Times take shots at hard-working and honest Americans who are rightfully angry at the direction of their country and the poor performance of their government.

The Sovietesque paper compares freedom-minded second amendment activists to Neanderthals in a lame attempt to convince their brainwashed readers that anybody who questions the wisdom of officialdom is behind the times. Last I checked, it is totalitarianism that is going against the current of history, not the way other around.

The delusional propaganda fraudsters at the L.A. Times point to the findings of The Southern Poverty Law Center to back up their anti-American nonsense. The SPLC lacks credibility, and its history is rife with scandal. They have an agenda to paint thinking Americans as terrorists because they don't buy into the government script.

Branding activists and reformers as terrorists is an ineffective way of solving the problem of declining government credibility. Militarizing public discourse is the wrong approach.

But, just when you thought that the moronic mainstream media couldn't get any more out of touch with the suffering and legitimate grievances of the American people, they go ahead and start labeling the voices of reform as terrorists. Not very smart, are they?

No one believes that patriotic right-wing Americans are a threat to American society and government institutions. AIPAC, the corrupt Federal Reserve, and Wall Street are terrorizing and hurting America, not peace-minded libertarians.

Congress is a bigger threat to the stability of the government than anyone else. And that isn't a conspiracy theory: that is channel five news at six o'clock.

The L.A. Times should stop quoting the garbage put out by the SPLC and pay more attention to changing public attitudes. The American people are anti-government for a good reason; the U.S. government is controlled by sick authoritarians who are anti-people.

The terrorists are the pilots of the plane, not the kidnapped passengers who have been fed lies upon lies since the false flag attacks on 9/11.