March 17, 2013

Homily: St Francis de Sales: A Spoonful of Honey

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier are two inspirations for the name of Pope Francis. The media has highlighted their biographies in their coverage of the new Pope. Another possible inspiration is St. Francis de Sales, the author of "Introduction to the Devout Life."

Francis de Sales, C.O., T.O.M., A.O.F.M. Cap., (French: Fran├žois de Sales) (21 August 1567 – 28 December 1622) was a Bishop of Geneva and is honored as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. He became noted for his deep faith and his gentle approach to the religious divisions in his land resulting from the Protestant Reformation. He is known also for his writings on the topic of spiritual direction and spiritual formation, particularly the Introduction to the Devout Life and the Treatise on the Love of God. 
Title: Homily: St Francis de Sales: A Spoonful of Honey. YouTube Video Description - [Source: franciscanfriars. Uploaded on January 24, 2013]:
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St. Francis de Sales was a bishop during the Protestant reformation and through his gentleness and unrelenting pastoral zeal, he brought back many souls from heresy to the Catholic faith. He is best known today for his spiritual classic Introduction to the Devout Life. Let us follow his example of zeal and meekness and bring many souls back into the Catholic Church so that they may be saved, for only the Catholic Church has all the means of salvation.
Ave Maria!
Mass: St. Francis de Sales - Mem - Form: OF
Eph 3:8-12
Ps 37:3-4, 5-6, 30-31
John 15:9-17
Homily: St Francis de Sales: A Spoonful of Honey